Surf Coast Home Doctor is an accredited innovative GP service bringing the Doctor back to the family that is the first of its kind in Australia having started in 2012. We have found that a home-based GP service is advantageous to both the patient and the GP. It enables the patient to not have to leave the house when they are feeling at their worst or sit in GP clinics for long periods waiting for the Doctor whilst worrying about being exposed to further illnesses. The GP also gets to see the patient in their house and become a traditional family GP again which helps aid management decisions. To date both patients and our GPs now prefer this method of healthcare delivery. Both our current GPs are local mums and community members making them more effective at understanding the local communities needs and being there when they are most needed. They are both extensively trained in Medical and emergency medical problems associated with Family and Children and are equipped to deal with normal GP and emergency concerns at the home.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive, outstanding, skilled, up to date, sustainable medical care to the Surf Coast community, and to support the community full fill their health potential. The service is provided for YOUR convenience and to meet YOUR needs when you or your family are unwell. Our mission is to listen to your needs and work with your suggestions, as an individual you come first. Please note: The service does NOT carry drugs of addiction


  • To treat all as an individual with compassion, respect and dignity
  • To provide no judgement
  • To provide confidential care
  • To maintain a high standard of professionalism
  • To provide ease of service and peace of mind
  • To provide a Holistic approach to healthcare
  • To continually improve performance and listen to your suggestions and needs
  • To listen and communicate effectively
  • to be the best service we can be