How do I arrange a Home Visit?
How long will I have to wait?
What about my regular GP?
Can I phone the doctor?
Can I contact you by email?
How often can I use the service?
Are the doctors qualified?
Is the practice accredited?
When can I request a visit?
How can I contact a Doctor when you are shut?
I’m deaf, how will I be able to understand the doctor?
English isn’t my first language, what if I have trouble understanding the doctor?
What if I require medications?
Who can use the service, and what areas are covered?
How can I access my results?
How do you manage my health information?
What if my condition changes?
How can I give feedback or make a complaint?
What are the costs?
What are the fees terms and conditions?
What about my regular GP?
What if I do not have a credit card?
What if I do not have a Medicare Card?
What if I have paid and I then wish to cancel my appointment?
I have a newborn not on my Medicare card
What if I do not feel comfortable with the Doctor seeing me at my house?
What does the gap fee not include?
Cancellation policy
I have reached the Medicare Safety Net, do I still need to pay the gap fee?