Opening Hours:

Monday 9am to 5pm
Tuesday 9am to 5pm
Wednesday 9am to 7pm
Thursday 9am to 7pm
Friday 9am to 5pm (GP consulting until 7pm)
Saturday 9am-1.30pm (GP consulting until 5.30pm)

How to book an Appointment:

The process is simple. All we need is your Name, DOB, contact details including your address and Medicare number.

Step 1:

Call 0478 957 890


Book Online

Do NOT text or use Facebook.

Step 2:

Your details will be taken by one of our receptionists along with a description of your medical concern and payment for the visit (see below). A description of your medical concern will be asked to ensure the Doctor has everything they need to help. If you feel uncomfortable doing this you do not need to give a reason but there may be a risk the Doctor cannot help you 100% at the time of the consult. 

Please note medical advice cannot be given over the phone, you will need to wait for the doctor to visit.

Step 3:

A telehealth appointment will be scheduled with the doctor. You will be emailed a link to access the telehealth consult. 

Step 4:

Please contact us or call 000 if your medical condition or health status changes or if you need to cancel* the appointment whilst waiting for the doctor.

Step 5:

Complete a New Patient Registration Form or if it’s been 12 months since you last completed an patient details form, complete an Current Patient Update Details Form

Step 6:

Please click the Telehealth link 5 minutes prior to your appointment time to ensure everything is working correctly. When the GP is ready to begin your consult they will invite you into the virtual consulting room. We ask for your patience, as sometimes our doctors may run late. 

Step 6:

        If you require a prescription we will send the prescription directly to              your chosen pharmacy. The pharmacy will call you to collect payment            and organise delivery or your medication or instruct you how to pick it          up safely from them.

         All referrals will be sent directly to the specialist on your behalf. If it is           a private specialist, please call them to schedule your appointment.

Step 7:

        If the doctor decides a face to face consult needs to occur after the                  Telehealth Consult, the doctor will organise it if it is safe. 

*Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend for a scheduled appointment, please contact us to cancel or change your appointment time asap. We expect 24 hours notice for cancellations. 


All consults will be bulk billed during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

(Non-Medicare card holders will be charged an out of pocket fee – determined by the type of consult).

After Hours Fees:

All after-hours call outs and telephone advice will incur an out of pocket cost of a minimum of $400.

Additional charges may be incurred for clinic visits, dressings, procedures, medications or nurse visits but will be discussed before charging.

Repeat Prescription and Referral Fees:

Repeat Prescription and Referrals service is available to current patients of Surf Coast Home Doctor. Full terms and conditions can be found by clicking the below links and following the prompts.

Repeat Prescription Fees:
Fax directly to pharmacy: $22

Repeat Referral Fees:
Fax directly to Specialist: $22
Urgent Fax directly to Specialist: $40

Terms & Conditions

The full Terms and Conditions for our Fees can be found here: Surf Coast Home Doctor Fees Terms and Conditions