New Patients are welcome at Surf Coast Home Doctor.

Consultations are by appointment only.

However, if your concern is urgent or an emergency please call 0478 957 890

Patient Registration Forms

To provide our patients with high quality health care it is essential that we have an up to date and accurate health record.

For this reason, new patients are required to complete and submit the new patient registration form prior to your booked appointment. Forms are submitted via our secure online form:

New Patient Registration Form

If you are a returning patient and have not seen one of our GPs for at least 12 months we also request you fill in a x patient form to ensure we have up to date and accurate health records and information.

Current Patient Update Details Form

Recalls and preventative health

At Surf Coast Home Doctor, we are strong believers in preventative health and correct management of your current health status.

For this reason, we ask you to complete a family health and a health screening questionnaire that is age appropriate so we can ensure you are getting the best advice for your individual circumstance.

Link to download Family Screening Questionaire:

Family Screening Questionnaire (word\docx)

Links to download Health Screening  Questions:

Health Screening Age 15-30

Screening Age 30- 40

Health Screening Age 40-45

Health Screening Age 45-60

Health Screening Age 60+

Results Policy:

If your GP has requested you to have some tests done such as imaging or blood tests, the practice has the following policy in regard to obtaining your results:

Practice Policy For Results

Patient Medical Records Requests:

Under the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) an individual may request access to medical records held by Surf Coast Home Doctor. Medical records held by Surf Coast Home Doctor may be requested using the request form which can be downloaded via: SCHD patient request for medical records form

Please read the first two pages of the document carefully before completing the form. 

What health information is an individual entitled to receive?

An individual has a right of access to their health information under Part 5 and Health Privacy Principle 6 (HPP 6) of the Act. This right applies when the information is held by a private sector organisation. It relates to all health information collected by the organisation on or after 1 July 2002.

A more limited right of access also applies to certain health information that is collected by a private sector organisation before 1 July 2002, including:

  • the individual’s health or disability history
  • the results of an examination or investigation
  • a diagnosis or speculative diagnosis
  • a plan or proposed plan of management
  • services provided or action taken
  • genetic information that is or could be predictive of health
  • other personal information about a donation of body parts.

In both cases an individual’s right to obtain access is subject to the grounds set out in HPP 6 that permit an organisation to lawfully refuse access.

For a whole copy of the act:

Completed request forms may be returned to the Practice Manager by:

Mail: Surf Coast Home Doctor. 160 Surf Coast Highway, Torquay, Vic, 3228

Fax: (03) 8692 2884

Website and resources:

Should you require any health-related information we have provided some websites that we recommend.

Please note this list is not exhaustive and should you require to discuss anything further do not hesitate to book and appointment with one of our Doctors.

Link to website we recommend clicking this link

Repeat Prescriptions online requests:

To access our repeat prescription service click HERE

To access our repeat referral service click HERE