Surf Coast Home Doctor is now sending recalls and reminders to you via secure SMS messaging, powered by HotDoc.

In an effort to provide a faster, more efficient method to communicate health messages to you, you will now receive a HotDoc SMART recall or reminder SMS directly to your mobile.

The SMS will contain a unique and secure link for you to select, enabling you to verify your details by completing your last name and date of birth, to protect your privacy. You will then be able to view the health message/reminder from your doctor. You can choose to book an appointment with us via our online booking system on our website or by giving us a call.

If you do not view your reminder, do not have a smart phone, internet access or data available on your phone, or you elect to opt out of the service, you will receive a printed reminder letter in the mail to your postal address.

To ensure you can take advantage of this convenient, environmentally friendly way we communicate with you, please ensure your contact details, especially mobile phone numbers are correct and always up to date and you have provided us with SMS consent.