As you are aware we have been closed these past few weeks due to Dr. Natasha having some well-deserved annual leave. We understand that this leave came abruptly and we want to take the time to explain why, as it is looking like we might unfortunately need to extend Dr. Natasha’s leave.

Every year GPs have to renew their registration with AHPRA. To do this they need to submit relevant documentation to AHPRA in order to renew their registration. We did this back in May for Dr. Natasha ready for her renewal in August, as per AHPRA’s recommendation. But unfortunately AHPRA did not review Dr. Natasha’s application for renewal before it was due to expire. It therefore expired in August and Dr Natasha cannot work until it is renewed, for which they cannot give us a date. This is purely an administrative issue on AHPRA’s side and is completely out of our control. Dr Natasha decided to take a well earned break whilst awaiting the renewal but we unfortunately it all appears to be taking longer than we hoped.

This has been very frustrating for us and we know it has unfortunately negatively impacted our wonderful patients. We have been doing everything we can to expedite this issue, however it is just a waiting game. We were informed we would have an update by now and we were hoping we would be able to announce a reopening date for weekdays by now, but frustratingly we are still waiting and so far we do not have a date.

Dr. Natasha is extremely eager to get back to work (even though she did deserve a nice relaxing break the past couple of weeks 😊) and we would appreciate your support and understanding.
Please understand the unfortunate predicament we are in and know we wish we could do more!

If anyone has any suggestions that could help us with this, please email us. If you are as frustrated by this as we are, please complain to AHPRA. We need your support!!!

Updates on when we will reopen on weekdays will be announced as soon as we have them!!!!

In the meantime, Dr. Caroline will continue to see patients on Saturdays. You can still email us for results or follow up current issues by emailing us at – don’t forget to include your full name, DOB and address.

If you have already scheduled an appointment with Dr. Natasha in the coming weeks, we will be in touch if we need to reschedule – we are sincerely sorry if we do have to reschedule.

We thank you for your understanding and support and we hope to update you again very soon!!!

Thanks, Dr. Natasha and the Surf Coast Home Doctor Team 😊